When your own attempts to address life challenges haven't worked well enough, I can help you find more satisfying solutions. I practice psychotherapy in a fresh, lively manner that will empower you to effectively grapple with your current problems as well as the after-effects of childhood trauma. This dynamic process of honest dialogue can help you achieve more fulfilling relationships, resilient self-regard, and meaningful living. Together, we can build a safe therapeutic alliance where you are free to experience and express all of your fears and fantasies without judgment, and where you can explore the depths of the psyche to actualize your full creative potential.

Whether you are suffering anxiety, depression, or other difficulties, you do not have to settle for endless pain. Through my 25 years of experience working directly with clients, I have found that making space for deeper feelings—and learning how to better regulate them—can have a big impact on getting relief from persistent emotional suffering.

Individuals from many different cultural backgrounds and sexual orientations seek my support. My own life experience as a gay man has helped me be acutely aware of the destructiveness of oppression in all its forms. I help all my clients challenge internalized hatred and learn to celebrate their distinctive personhood.

Please give me a call at (323) 459-1169 or email me at [email protected], and let's talk about how we might work together to meet your goals, and help you get what you really want out of life.