Gay Men & Lesbians

I work with many LGBT community members in therapy to reach their fullest potentials for creativity, romance, and spiritual fulfillment. 

Although I first came out of the closet as a gay teenager 40 years ago, and have lived as an openly gay man ever since, I have learned in the ensuing decades that there has been much persistent homophobia within that I’ve internalized from family and society, just below the surface of consciousness, which needs ongoing confrontation. What’s been remarkable about this process is, once the self-hate is sufficiently challenged, there is more room in the psyche for authentic gayness to more fully emerge, and this has helped me develop an ever-deeper appreciation for gay love and identity as primary inspiration for my psychological, political, and spiritual growth. 

If we work together in psychotherapy, I can help you discover the deepest possible meaning and enjoyment of your sexuality in whatever form it has developed. There is a growing area of gay-centered psychological literature and wisdom I can share with you that can help guide your own journey in this area.

In the LGBT community these days, there is an increasing emphasis on non-binary “queerness” or sexual/gender “fluidity.” This loosening of identity categories can be truly liberating for many individuals, but for many others it can cause a lot of painful confusion and/or social dislocation. I have been studying and writing on these issues for more than two decades and can help you navigate through them in a way that feels best for your individual path of development.